Who is this course for?

This Introduction to UX/UI Design course is designed for anyone interested in learning the fundamentals of user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design, regardless of their prior experience.

Learn the basics of User Research and how to create a landing page for a product or idea with an AI tool called Durable. Explore the fascinating world of UX with this short course.

Course Syllabus

    1. Course Introduction

    2. Course Outline

    3. 1.1_Welcome message

    4. 1.2_Course Introduction and Objectives

    5. 1.3_Course Outcome: Create a Product Website!

    6. 1.4_Introduction to FigJam

    1. 2.1_Importance of User Research

    2. 2.2_Conducting User Research

    3. 2.3_Activity: User Research for Chosen Product

    1. 3.1_Understanding Desktop Research

    2. 3.2_Performing Desktop Research

    3. 3.3_ Guided Activity: Desktop Research for Chosen Product

    4. 3.4_Understanding Research Analysis

    5. 3.5_Guided Activity: Research Analysis

    1. 4.1_Introduction to Design Principles and Heuristics

    2. 4.2_Guided Activity: Wireframing the Landing Page

    1. 5.1_Introduction to Durable

    2. 5.2_Creating Your Landing Page (Durable Walkthrough)

    1. UX Free Discovery Course Survey

    2. Next Steps

    1. 7.1_Introduction to the Extra Module

    2. 7.2_Activity: Testing your Landing Page

    3. Final Thoughts

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